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Teams come in all shapes and sizes. Corporations, families, and sports are all teams.  


To build anything, you must first know what the pieces are and how each piece connects. 


Team building is the same.


Increase communication,

leadership, and effectiveness in your team.


   Our speciality is making people - of any age - be confident and productive.  


   Our background is education, leadership, experiential learning, coaching, adventure based counseling, crisis intervention, and mediation.


   From our education and experience, we have adopted a unique and effective style of training that uses a humanistic approach to team building and communication styles. 


   Drs. Bruce and Kathy Martin offer trainings and keynotes that will help your company, team and individuals be more productive. They use their unique tool People Plus and Experiential techniques so groups see immediate applicable results. 


   Bruce Martin, PhD, and Kathy Martin, PhD, working as a man/woman team, have been captivating audiences with their unique style of interactive presentation and training for 25 years.


   Combining their background in educational counseling and experiential education, Bruce and Kathy customize programs that get to the root of what makes people productive.


   They offer keynotes, workshops, and train the trainer programs that enhance the human potential and increase productivity. Each program is designed to meet the specific needs of the corporations, associations, teams, schools and groups they serve.


   Before starting their consulting business, they were both educators for 20+ years. In that field they were awarded the “Award of Excellence” for curriculum design by MAPHERD. They designed and built a challenge course for at risk youth and created a youth facilitated belay team. These programs received recognition for outstanding youth leadership and creating productive communities in which to live. 


+ Dynamic Interation 


   Using our unique style of building teams, we identifiy what each team member brings to the team from thier family, their environment, their education and their background. This dynamic interaction builds a team on the strength of all its members. We customize programs for teams of all kinds: business, sports, teachers, organizations, and families. 


+ Teaching To All Communication Styles


   Using a quick yet accurate assessment, we identify the four main communication styles and give tips to utilize all four styles while teaching to the entire group.


+ Creating a Respectful Environment 


   It has been identified, that a good working unit is directly dependent upon the safe respectful environment in which you work.  The team identifies what that means to them and agrees to function under this new contract they create. 

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