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   Testimonials for

People Plus and Project Communiction


   My name is Shawn Plummer. I'm a pro football player, an athletic personal trainer, and also have a masters in Kinesiology. I met Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Martin playing for the indoor football league in Green Bay. It was there that they introduced me to their color program, and the impact and results it produced for me in my life and my sport were amazing. It gave me the ability to better understand myself. The ability to better understand not only the best of who I am but also the things I was lacking. It made me more aware of myself to better understand myself in all situations and above all else the ability to celebrate everything I am as a whole. The program also gave me the ability to understand and communicate better with others as well. Learning to understand others colors and being able to communicate with them more effectively through those colors is a great advantage. This program is a great tool to have and take advantage of in any field, especially sports.


- Shawn Plummer

Professional Football Player

   "I'm passionate about supporting programs, initiatives and people that are nothing less than professional!! You, my friends, are above and beyond! I'm grateful for what you do and for allowing me, my family and team to benefit from your expertise! You have, are and continue to make a significant difference to our service members and their families! Thank YOU for all you do!!!" 


     - Lt Col

Family & Unit Training Participant



Bruce and Kathy: While driving home from this weekends experience I had an excellent opportunity to reflect on the excitement.  As I recalled some of the exercises I could feel myself getting animated and on several occasions I had to in fact take my foot off the accelerator for fear that the car would blast off! Not to mention there are no lines for speeding tickets on my expense form.  Exuberating is the best term I can think of for my take away from the meeting.  You were just super!!!

   In the business world as in life, you meet a myriad of people.  Some you like for the manner in which they make you feel, that connection.  Others you admire for the grace that seems to radiate from them in their interactions with you and others.  And still others you respect for their openness and sincerity, and you try to emulate them in your own dealings as you go forward. Rarely do you meet people who inspire all these emotions in you at the same time. Those are special people........ You are special people! I thank you for taking the time to help me become a better person also.



- Gary Zardas

  Office Max


   Bruce and Kathy certainly offered a dimension to our camp that transcended our program to new levels. Offering Project Communication and team building sessions made our camps a definite repeat event for youth sport participants.


Kurt Kirner

16 years Nike Swim Camp Director

Midwest Coach of the Year '07

Head Swim Coach Hillsdale College

     The training was absolutely fabulous!  Kathy and Bruce did a fantastic job of engaging our team of 300 right from the start.  They got the energy high, kept it there, and still taught the group quite a lot about how to look at their processes and question things instead of "accepting the rules" and believing that because things are the way they've always been, that's how they have to be. Kathy and Bruce were very flexible and able to accommodate with seeming ease all of the challenges that we threw their way.  Our team was sorry to see them go, and I was very satisfied that they met all of my personal objectives for training.

   Bottom line is, I can't say enough positive things about this training.  Thanks for your help with class size and timing. Overnight, it appears that many of the employees were thinking hard.  Today they came in with some new and better ideas about systems changes, instead of people. They were so pumped!!  And the managers at the end of the day said, "I think today marks the day that we have started to take the factory focus back to manufacturing."  What more is there to say.

   Thank you both.


- Stephanie Dean


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