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 Project Communication is  Adventure!

Project Communication is Experiential!

Project Communication creates Change!


   Project Communication works with teams of all kinds.  Whether it is a family,  corporate group,  school group,  camp group, or sports team we build confidence, self esteem, resilience, and communication!  



Project Communication is a solution system that will:


+ teach enhanced communication skills

+ identify preferred communication styles

+ build self-esteem

+ give team members techniques to motivate each other


People Plus is the proprietary tool used to quickly and effectively teach you:


+ your own communication style as well as the styles of those around you

+ how to deliver genuine and encouraging interactions

+ how to create a positive winning environment for your whole team


          People Plus has been used by thousands of people to enhance their                           communication skills and increase team, workplace, and personal cohesion.


Just a few of the groups that have found People Plus to be effective and enlightening are:


+ Nike Camps

+ Graco

+ Anheuser-Busch

+ US Army

+ Wells Fargo

+ Minnesota State University

+ Aveda

+ Green Bay Blizzards


Click here to read a few testimonials for People Plus and Project Communication.


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