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Veterans &
1st Responders

Our Mission: 

   "We can't change that we are a military family.  But we can give you tools that help you to build a resilient mindset to be a strong military family"   Dr. Kathy Martin 


      Project Communication unlocks barriers to build resilience with a kinesthetic and team building approach. The military program was created to fill the need that has been identified through a variety of research studies. We address and strengthen the key elements to a resilient mindset.  These are communication, safe, respectful, stable home environments, and behavioral finance.  


         Because of the nature of our military force - now more than ever it is important              to build a resilient family home life. 

         We utilize our background in Adventure Based Counseling and Crisis Intervention          Counseling to design our programs so they can be used immediately and                        effectively across the entire family.  

    Project Communication was created as a support system to help military families become more resilient, build self-esteem, and combat depression and suicidal tendencies for all family members.  Through education and first hand experience, our trainers achieve amazing results reported by military personnel and their families as well as support from military leadership.


   Through a carefully crafted program, Project Communication uses kinesthetic and experiential techniques to fill needs identified by research:


1. A Feet First Value Contract  establishes a safe, respectful environment in the home, resulting in a resilient mindset.  Resiliency is a key need that has been identified by adolescents. Factors include resiliency from media, school, and friends that do not have an understanding of their situation.


2.. Creating a High Five Zone, with our propriety communication tool, Project Communication, teaches family members not only their own style of communication, but also how to identify how others communicate.  Over decades of research, development, and experience, Drs. Bruce and Kathy Martin have created Project Communication and it has already benefited thousands of people in corporate, sporting, team building, and military settings.

A resilient mindset needs good communication skills and a safe, respectful, stable environment. Project Communication uses tools to build these and then uses hands on techniques to apply the knowledge immediately. Our programs for military personnel and their families include:

+ Communication For Work, Play, School, Family 

+ The Money Dance: Financial Behavior

+ Couple and Family Retreats

     While we can't disclose which family or individual shared their feedback due to military and standards, we can share these quotes from participants:


   "I'm passionate about supporting programs, initiatives and people that are nothing less than professional!! You, my friends, are above and beyond! I'm grateful for what you do and for allowing me, my family and team to benefit from your expertise! You have, are and continue to make a significant difference to our service members and their families! Thank YOU for all you do!!!"     

     -Lt Col, Family & Unit Training Participant


     What would you say to WWP about the value of this experience to you and your marriage?

     "Totally invaluable. This program is the very definition of WWP's vision to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation's history. Without strong family values starting at home, our nation simply has no future. THIS program can change relationships, for the better, for generations to come."  

     -Couples Retreat Participant



"I believe this program can help other couples just as much as it has us, if not more. The things Bruce and Kathy went over relate to every day life and stressors and ways to help one another out in our crazy busy lives. Not only did Bruce and Kathy help us with all of the information at the retreat, but they also reached out to us after the event and set us up with some resources we didn't even know existed. They really do have everyone's best interest in their hearts and are amazing, amazing people."

    -Core Communication Participant



   “Project Communication was very insightful for me. I learned more about communication yesterday and understand the difference in how people communicate then I ever have. This class was worth my time and I would love to have them come to my home and do this with my family.”

     - Unit Training



   "I would recommend every family take advantage of this experience; it has and will continue to make a positive and powerful impact on all of us."

    - Enlisted Participant



   One military family, seeing an adolescent psychologist due to detachment disorders from a parent deployment, reported their psychologist has noted twice in the last two visits the most dramatic increase in positive family dynamics she has seen in the two years she has been working with this family. The family agreed, stating that they were able to communicate and understand each other better because of the Project Communication tools.

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