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 Over 70% 

of participants drop out of youth sports programs along the way to high school.

   One cause identified is 'lack of training for youth coaches and the resulting frustration of kids who take orders from well-intentioned but misguided coaches.'    

- Human Kinetics


Be a part of the process that affects

change when you team up with

Project Communication!


   We provide trainings to bridge the gap between coaches, their players, and parents. The challenge that we face is keeping kids in sports. Communication is a huge factor. Research indicates that 45.3% of kids agree.


Project Communication is a solution system that will:


+ teach coaches enhanced communication skills

+ identify preferred communication styles

+ build self-esteem in youth

+ give coaches techniques to motivate youth


   People Plus is the proprietary tool used to quickly and effectively help coaches understand:


+ communication styles of coaches, youth, and parents

+ how to deliver positive coaching

+ how to create a positive winning environment

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