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   Drs. Bruce and Kathy Martin

have a passion for teams of every kind, kids and military families.



Bruce has a doctorate in educational counseling and Kathy has a doctorate in education. Both hold Masters in Experiential Education. Bruce is also a certified Crisis Intervention Counselor and both hold certifications in Adventure Based Counseling. They are also trained mediators. 


Teams, whether a family team, corporate team, athletic team, or work team, are their passion . They believe developing a respectful environment in which to work and play  and developing communication skills are the root to all successful teams.  


Drs. Martin developed this program 20 years ago and have helped families, educators, organizations, and corporations from Canada to Brazil and all across the United States become better communicators. With this program, they have worked with military units & military families, corporations, schools, educators, recreation departments, and couples. 


Bruce and Kathy were given The Award of Excellence from MNAPHERD. This coveted award is given to 2 teachers a year. Bruce and Kathy were awarded it for their work in developing adventure based curriculum that combated at risk behaviors for youth and built self esteem in youth. While they were teaching, they received recognition from the governor of Minnesota for their work in Outstanding Youth Leadership and their work in Creating A Peaceful Environment for Youth. Bruce and Kathy wrote the grants and built the High Ropes Course housed at Camp Shamineau near Motley Minnesota. That course has impacted the positive health and self esteem of thousands of children. 


Bruce has coached from the Peewee level to the Professional level and was an athlete himself through college. Kathy has been a coach through the development of Title 9. She helped develop girls sports through her entire teaching career. 





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