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Kathy Martin - VP Business Development


Don't know what to post? Short on time for social media?  Let AIMI do the work for you.
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Our Mission is to help companies brand their business with social media and keep them posting on a consistent basis using artificial intelligence.  

We believe AIMI will help each business with their branding and keep them posting consistent with Unique content.  
We’re opening a new industry when it comes to artificial intelligence. 
Be the first in the insurance industry and lead with technology.  

About Bruce & Kathy 


Bruce and Kathy are one powerful team when it goes to helping with AI and social media. I highly recommend them if you're struggling with your business' social media.

- Scott, Social Media Coach


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Couldn't wait to let everyone know that Kathy and Bruce are a down to earth but dynamic team. Something about their product caught my attention when I first heard about it, so I followed up with them. They were extremely informed about their product, generous with their time, and helped me see the potential in a couple of great calls.

- Ron, Retail

Social media marketing on steroids! Highly recommend!

- Barb, Business Owner

These two are the most giving and serving type of people I have met in a long time. Their mission is solely to help others succeed.

- Julian, Sales & Service

Small businesses need greater structure and creativity to thrive. This company gives unique insights on how to help those succeed using that creativity.

- Ben, Personal Trainer


   Your Social Media Marketing Done for You.


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